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The ancestors of Fernande FABRE and Lucien GINOUX are indicated by the colour purple.

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Jean Pierre GINOUX and Madeleine Honorine FABRE

Jean Pierre is born in 1825 in La Roque d’Anthéron. 3 generations before Fernande and Lucien, a union of the GINOUX and FABRE lines was formed. Jean-Pierre GINOUX marries Honorine Madeleine FABRE, born on June 18, 1835 in Charleval, granddaughter of Jean Joseph Narcisse FABRE and Thérèse IMBERT and daughter of the oldest son, Joseph FABRE and Marie GUITTON.

Couple’s civil status certificate.

On January 11, 1852, Victor Jean Baptiste GINOUX is born in La Barben. His father, Jean-Pierre GINOUX is quickly arrested (early February 1852) as head of a secret society probably of republican obedience formed in response to the   Coup d’Etat of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte on December 2, 1851. He is imprisoned in the county jail of Aix en Provence. Madeleine Honorine FABRE stays alone with their child at La Barben.

Extract from the prison register (from February 9, 1852 to June 11, 1853) of the county jail of Aix-en-Provence

Jean-Pierre is released by favour granted by the Head of State on February 2, 1853 (one year in prison).

Then, the couple and their child settle in Mérindol (Vaucluse). On July 31, 1853, Victor Jean Baptiste, known as Baptistin, dies in Mérindol at the age of 18 months. Honorine will give birth to another boy,  Victor André GINOUX born on June 18, 1854 in Mérindol. Unfortunately, his mother dies, even young, on December 30, 1859 in Mérindol (Vaucluse) at the age of 24. Jean-Pierre is in Mérindol, alone to raise this little boy of 5 1/2 years old.

7 months later, he will remarry with   Marthe BELLUGUET, a woman from the neighboring village of Puget.