Le site de la Communauté des Ginoux

Who are we?

We are seven brothers and sisters who created a family website for all members of the family and friends.

This website helps to keep links between the members of a large family.

Keeping alive the memory of family history is necessary. The web is an extraordinary tool to have this family history available to all. The digitization (text, picture, sound) allows to reconstitute history, to preserve documents and to make them available for everybody.

This website is also an opportunity to have self-development by describing a passion of a member or by deepening the discovery of a place, an artist… through links to websites made by people who are passionate about a subject.

Members of the Ginoux family, relatives and friends can build and enrich this website by :

  • reporting events
  • sending photos, texts, sounds, essential to reconstruct history
  • sharing one of the their passion

The Ginoux family hopes you will enjoy this website and it will have a long life.

This website was put online at Christmas 2006 (interrupted from March 2009 to September 2011 and then from June 2014 to June 2018). This new version was put online in June 2018 in order to respond to new web technologies and new uses.

Every month, you can find new pictures, new texts, new ideas, new members of the community…

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