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The ancestors of Fernande FABRE and Lucien GINOUX are indicated by the colour purple.

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Antoine Toussaint GINOUX et Marie Magdeleine LION

From their marriage in 1818 in Lambesc, Antoine GINOUX and Marie LION live in La Roque. Indeed, all their children are born in this commune. In 1841, after the death of Marie LION’s father, they live in Lambesc in “La Baume” district (near the Saint Anne Chapel) with 3 sons, Joseph Marc Antoine, Jean Pierre et Jean-Baptiste and the daughter Marie Thérèse.
In 1851 in Sainte-Anne, they live in the country house with their children, Jean Baptiste (19 years old) and Marie Thérèse (18 years old). In 1861, they live there without their children. In 1866, they come to live on “Grande Rue” in the main canton town. Antoine dies in 1870 and Marie LION takes refuge with his daughter Marie-Thérèse in Saint Estève Janson where she dies in 1872.

Couple’s civil status certificate.

Their 7 children (6 boys and 1 girl) all born in La Roque :

–   Antoine born in 1819, dies same year.

–  Jean Joseph born in 1821, dies same year.

–   Joseph Marc Antoine born in 1823, marries Thérèse Augustine AUDIER on february 11, 1850 in Charleval. He dies on January 31, 1900 in Charleval.

–  Jean-Pierre born in 1825: 3 generations before Fernande and Lucien, a union of the GINOUX and FABRE lines was formed. Jean-Pierre GINOUX marries Honorine Madeleine FABRE born on June 18, 1835 in Charleval, granddaughter of Jean Joseph Narcisse FABRE et de Thérèse IMBERT  and daughter of the oldest son, Joseph FABRE and Marie GUITTON. The couple settle in Mérindol (Vaucluse). Honorine unfortunately dies at a young age on December 30, 1859 in Mérindol (Vaucluse) at the age of 24. They have a child, called Victor André GINOUX. He will marry on April 21, 1881 in Cheval-Blanc (Vaucluse), Clara Rosine LAPIERRE. Their son, Emile André Aimé, born in 1891 will create a Belgian branch of GINOUX family.         
Jean-Pierre will remarry on August 16, 1860 with Véran Marthe BELLUGUET born in Puget (Vaucluse). They have many children who die very young except two daughters, Victorine and Désirée. It is their daughter Désirée, born in 1872 in Mérindol who will emigrate to the USA and will create the American branch of GINOUX family.

 –   Louis born in 1828 and dies in 1830

 –   Jean-Baptiste born in 1831, marries BARTHOULIN Victoire in La Roque (next generation) in 1860.

–   Marie Thérèse born in 1833, marries, in 1853 in La Roque, VALENCE Ferdinand Pierre from Saint Estève Janson, owner farmer. Their children born in Saint Estève: Thérèse Marie Berthile born in 1854, is placed as a servant in Cavaillon, marries ROUSSET Auguste, pork butcher, in Saint Estève on September 9, 1879 ; Gustave born in 1862; Baptist born in 1865; Louis born in 1869, the same year of the death of his father Ferdinand VALENCE at 44 years old. Louis is a farm servant and lives alone in 1896 in Saint Estève. He marries Léonie RICHAUD (born in Venterol Basses Alpes) on April 30, 1898 . He is a hairdresser boss in Saint Estève in 1906 with his wife and his son Marceau born in 1899 in Saint Estève. The VALENCE family live in Saint Estève in the village, from marriage in 1853 to 1891. Marie becomes a widow and works as a day laborer. Then, we lose track of Marie GINOUX…