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The ancestors of Fernande FABRE and Lucien GINOUX are indicated by the colour purple.

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Jean Pierre GINOUX and Marthe BELLUGUET

After the death of his first wife, Honorine FABRE, Jean Pierre GINOUX, alone with his son Victor André, aged 6, remarries with Véran Marthe BELLUGUET (born on February 24, 1833 in PUGET, in Vaucluse). They will mainly live in Mérindol. In 1869, they are in Rognes countryside (Bouches du Rhône). Jean-Pierre is a “pégoulier”  . He extracts the sap from the pines for glue manufacture. Marthe runs the train station cafe. The vocation of his stepson, Victor André, may has been born in this Mérindol station.

Un santon de provence figurant un pégoulier

Civil status certificates of this couple

They have together many children which are born in Mérindol expect for Marie Madeleine. Their children will not live a long time except for two daughters Victorine and Désirée:

  • Jacques and François, twins born on May 13, 1861. François dies on May 19 and Jacques dies on May 20 art the same year
  • Eugènie Clotilde born on December 6, 1863 and dies on August 26, 1869 at the age of 6 years, in Rognes
  • Victorine Rose born on May 27, 1866. At the age of 21, she marries Xavier VACHE on February 12, 1887 in Mérindol. They will have 3 children:
    • Jeanne Louise born on May 22, 1888. She died in Cavaillon on November 3, 1980 at the age of 92.
    • Julie Henriette born on August 3, 1890. She will marry Emile BEYSSIERE
    • Gabriel Xavier born on November 23, 1893. He will marry Julia MUS at Cheval Blanc (Vaucluse). He dies on May 21, 1953 at the age of 60 at Cheval Blanc.
  • Marie Madeleine, born on March 5, 1869 in Rognes. He dies in Mérindol on May 22, 1884 at the age of 15.
  • Désirée, born on February 20, 1872. She marries Emile Joseph LANDRIN on July 25, 1891 at the age of 19 in Mérindol. They have a child in Mérindol : Pierre Pascal, born on April 21, 1892. Then, the 3 emigrated to the United States. Follow their American history.
  • Lucie and Alphonse, twins born on June 24, 1875. Alphonse dies on July 10, 1875 and Lucie, on September 7, 1875