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Jacques GINOUX et Anne PERIN

Jacques and Anne get married in 1669 and have a marriage contract (act of Maître Jean BONNET, his uncle Jacques GINOUX is the best man). Jacques died at La Roque in 1708. Anne died at La Roque in 1704. Jacques mad his will at La Roque d’Anthéron in 1708. He bequeathed his properties to his children and his two grandchildren but also to the sons of Jacques and to Gaspard and Jean (act of Maître Joseph BONNET).

Jacques renounces his Vaudois religion on October 21, 1685 in Silvacane with his wife and his children, Jean, Pierre, Jacques and Françoise.

GINOUX PERIN family civil status certificates

Their children :

  • Françoise born in 1673, baptized in the temple of Mérindol, married in 1701 in La Roque to Philippe BREMOND
  • Jean born in…
  • Pierre baptized on September 20, 1675 at the temple of Mérindol, his godmother is Marie GINOUX de La Roque
  • Catherine baptized March 13, 1678 at the temple of Mérindol
  • Marguerite baptized on December 24, 1679 at the temple of Mérindol, married at La Roque in 1710 to Gaspard PILAVENE
  • Gaspard born in…
  • Jacques born in, married to Claire VERT in La Roque (next generation)