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Jacques GINOUX and Claire VERT

Civil status certificates of this couple

Their children are born in La Roque :

  • Gaspard born in 1704, married in 1732 to Marguerite GARCIN in La Roque; Their children: Claire born and died in 1733, Giraud born in 1734 and Jean-Louis born in 1751. Will of Jean-Louis at La Roque in 1780 to his brother Giraud (Act of Maître Gaspard MERCURIN)
  • Jean born in 1706, married in La Roque in 1732 to Jeanne GARCIN. Children born in La Roque: Anne Marie born in 1733 and died in 1750, Jean Baptiste born in 1735, Jacques born in 1738, Honoré born in 1739
  • Claire born in 1708, married in 1742 o Pierre LOMBARD of Lambesc in La Roque.
  • Jacques born in 1713
  • Marguerite born in 1715
  • Honoré born in 1716 (next generation)