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The ancestors of Fernande FABRE and Lucien GINOUX are indicated by the colour purple.

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Désirée GINOUX has a sister, Victorine Rose, born 6 years ago. The 6 other brothers and sisters all died while still babies or around the age of 5 to 6 years old.

Désirée and Victorine have a half-brother, Victor André much older (18 years older than Désirée and 12 years older than Victorine) born from a first marriage of their father, Jean Pierre GINOUX.

The GINOUX sisters married two first cousins :

Désirée with Emile LANDRIN, son of Pierre Marius LANDRIN and Marie Louise Rose BERNARD.
Victorine Rose with Xavier VACHE, son of Xavier VACHE shoemaker in Gigondas and Marie Elisabeth LANDRIN
Marie Elisabeth LANDRIN and Pierre Marius LANDRIN are brother and sister.

One of Victorine’s daughters, Jeanne Louise VACHE is 4 years old when her aunt Desiree left for the United States. She will correspond with her for several years. The two other children do not remember their aunt being too young for one or not yet born for the other.

The couple VACHE, Xavier and Victorine will be very close to Victorine’s parents, Jean Pierre GINOUX and Vérane Marthe BELLUGUET. They will stay in Mérindol with them. Xavier is a farmer.

The grave of the VACHE family in Mérindol

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