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The ancestors of Fernande FABRE and Lucien GINOUX are indicated by the colour purple.

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Pierre Pascal LANDRIN was born on April 21, 1892 in Mérindol (Vaucluse) (Civil status certificates for this couple). His parents take him to the United States of America when he was still a few months old.

In 1900, the whole family, surrounded by many families of African descent, was in the Sand Hill district of Moore County in the state of North Carolina. Brother Maurice and the two sisters, Marguerite and Rosilai were already born (1900 census).

Around 1908, their lives change dramatically when the family moves to California. Désirée GINOUX and Emile LANDRIN separate. Then, in 1910, Rosilai and Désirée die.

In 1910, Peter (17 years old and worker) and Maurice (14 years old and student) reside with their father (widower), owner of a mortgaged house, worker in Hawthorne, Redondo district in Los Angeles County, a brand new city founded in 1905 (1910 census).

Meanwhile, in France, Peter is considered by the French army to be rebellious, for having not presented himself at his military convocation (Matricule LANDRIN Pierre).

On the other hand, in the United States, he was well listed in June 1917 to perform his military service (Matricule LANDRIN Peter). He was posted to a basic U.S. Air Force military hospital (Military Assignment November 22, 1917 to June 23, 2018). At 25, Peter is of medium height (about 1.60 meters) with black hair and beautiful bright blue eyes. Later, a mole will be indicated on his lower left jaw and a reddish complexion.

In 1920, at the age of 27, Peter is subtenant at 107 North Market Street in Inglewood. He works as a plumbing equipment seller. He states that he was naturalized in 1902 (1920 census).

In 1930, at the age of 37, Peter is still subtenant at 205 South Locust Street in Inglewood at a 20-year-old brother and sister of northern origin who own their home and own a radio. The brother is a lifeguard in Los Angeles County. The sister is a dressmaker on her own. Peter is a salesperson in a DIY store. He claims to have immigrated in 1893 and to be naturalized. He is a veteran of the World War I (1930 census).

On September 11, 1932, Peter LANDRIN, aged 40, marry Evelyne Etta JOHNSTON, born MOFFET, 39 years old, in Hollywood (Marital Status Records of this couple). They both live in North Locust Street in Inglewood. Soon you will discover the life of the MOFFET and Evelyne family before the marriage with Peter.

This couple has no children.

On November 22, 1940, Evelyne Etta MOFFET dies of a liver and pancreas cancer in the family home (Vital Statistics for this couple).

North Locust Street today, a street where Peter LANDRIN lived for several decades.
Peter LANDRIN died on August 29, 1970 in Inglewood
(Vital Statistics for this couple).

The 3 children of Emile LANDRIN and Désirée GINOUX. From left to right Marguerite, Maurice and Peter