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First empire 1813 1814

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Extract from MORVAN Jean’s studies – The Imperial Soldier – Edition PLON 1904

When our ancestor, Antoine Toussaint GINOUX, is called up under the imperial flags, Napoleon, after having bogged down in Russia, asks for even more fresh meat because France is attacked from all sides by the coalition of countries which do not intend to be annexed by another country.

Antoine Toussaint GINOUX is part of the conscription of 1814 and must answer this call of the Prefect of the Bouches du Rhône in March 1813.

He was not called until the following year in February 1814, Napoleon was lacking rifles and equipments to equip the three hundred thousand men requested from France.

Conscripts were capable to mutilate themselves to not be part of the army.

How was our ancestor dressed during his short stay with the 1st Line Regiment?